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Lighting services for all types of Theatre, Corporate Events, Festivals, & Large Scale Arena Productions


Conference 'T-Mobile'


'Royal Bank of Scotland' Roadshow

'Ford' Motorshow

'Carmen' Arena version






LXarts Ltd. aim to provide the best lighting services to suit our clients requirements. In 2001 LXarts Ltd. was formed by Lighting Designer Ross Corbett Ross Corbett to consolidate the Design & Management skills already in place. Utilising well established contacts and expertise, the LXarts team offers quality professional services customised to suit the customers needs.




  • Design
  • Production Management & Logistics
  • Experienced Crew Services
  • Sourcing and Management of Lighting Hire

Working in conjunction with all the largest hire companies throughout Europe enables LXarts to take advantage of constant equipment updates from all sources on behalf of our clients and to everyone's satisfaction




Lighten your Load

Whatever your project requires in Lighting, LXarts can

  • advise
  • design
  • crew
  • manage
  • hire


Let LXarts take the strain. We provide hand-picked professional crews and can offer versatile solutions which adapt to Production budgets great and small.

Contact us with your specifications and let us tender our tailored quote





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